lizbet: (Default)
lizbet ([personal profile] lizbet) wrote2009-05-09 09:03 am

Beginning Again

After carefully importing entries, icons and friends from Livejournal, I've decided to take a leaf out of [personal profile] patchworks' (many) books, and begin afresh here on Dreamwidth. For anyone who may have found me via a community, I am [ profile] magic_doors on Livejournal, and before that I was, for many years, [ profile] lizziwig. The creation of the pretentiously titled current account was supposed to be a brand new start, and a glorious rebirth of my internet persona, but ended up being a false start into internet adulthood. I'm going to try harder this time.

I'll be keeping my Livejournal, and I'll carry on participating in communities and reading my friends list, but I doubt I'll post much in it anymore. As to which one I'll splurge badly spelled drunken ramblings onto at 4am, only time will tell.

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